Monday, September 15, 2008


The first Green Mama Sale/Exchange went really well. I gave all of our shoppers a free reusable shopping bag. We gathered some food, raised some money, and now have a TON of stuff to bring to the shelter. Lots of toys, books, clothing for kids of all ages, and their moms. We also got a whole bunch of bedding - sheets, comforters, pillows. Now to get in touch with them and arrange for delivery.

I received donations from about ten people, and that was plenty! So anyone reading this -- it really isn't hard to find ten friends to clean out their stuff. Just make sure you ask for items in good shape. I don't want to donate stained clothing. Luckily I received items that fit this category.

Thanks to everyone for your help and care for our community, especially Aniko for helping me set up, and run the sale.

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