Thursday, September 25, 2008

preparing for the tulsi

This week I drove to a rural town to the home of my friends Udeya and Andrew. There we began to prepare the garden bed for the future tulsi garden. We are going to try for a square patch, pictured in progress, below. We were lucky to have help from Susie, also pictured below. Also Udeya's friend Stefan came with a trailer of compost which we were able to dump. I loved being out in nature and digging in the dirt. I have to admit, I am most at home in that environment. By the time I had to leave most of the entire garden was cleared, and the compost had begun to be spread...

Susie, the angel, who drove many hours to help us.

Udeya and I shoveling compost into the garden

Udeya displays a new "tropical" version of tulsi that she discovered. If we can get this to grow on her property we will be set. Apparently, it grows very tall like a bush, propagates quite easily, and if this works we won't seed to start from seed! The seeds, though very cute, are a tad persnickety.

generous hosts of the tulsi garden, Andrew and Udeya

Atticus, age 3, helps his mom Susie

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