Sunday, February 1, 2009

amma's thoughts on growing your own food

“Nature is God in a form that we can directly perceive even through our limited senses”
-Amma, world renowned humanitarian

The population is increasing alarmingly and there are fewer trees around. In these modern times, crows have to build their nest using plastics and steel twines as they do not have access to enough twigs from the scarce trees. Today, the use of pesticides and chemicals to enhance the appearance of the food products has become widely prevalent - for some it might even be the only solution to alleviate poverty.

Utilize any available space even on the terrace or the upper floors, to grow something. Try to grow your own vegetables which are not loaded with harmful chemicals. On many houses in Japan, though they might be small, they still grow flowers and vegetables by hanging pots all around.

Bring back the culture of cultivation and attain self sufficiency as far as possible by putting aside at least one hour every day for this purpose.

-excerpt from recent speech by Amma