Friday, September 5, 2008


Next week I am hosting the first of what I hope to be several green activities in my small town. I am having a children's items sale/exchange at my house on Wednesday Sept 10. We will be meeting for a few hours in the morning. I am encouraging people to bring gently used items separated into 2 categories: that which people want to donate or trade and that which people want to sell. I am asking people to price things ahead of time. I will also put out a box for monetary donations. I have also asked for linens, as it is also for a charity.

The donated items, any money donations, and the linens will all go to our local women's shelter. I have spoken with them and they are very grateful. The last I heard there were 12 children there.

I'm excited. There is a fair amount of enthusiasm in my community to come to this, to help, or to donate items. I hope to spread the idea and would love to see this as an island wide happening, and see other moms inspired to organize these. I also am imagining designing a tee shirt that says "Green Mama" and selling these too, eventually. I am working on that design.

When I told a friend about this idea she was really enthusiastic. She expressed her desire to go to the shelter and do birthday parties once a month for kids who are there. She was reminiscing about how when she was a child, her mom made such a big deal about birthdays, and how sad it would be for kids to be in that situation on their birthdays.

One idea that comes from love can sometimes ripple into more and more loving ideas.

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