Monday, July 27, 2009

green mama goes to paris

What this country girl appreciated about the city of Paris: the overall cleanliness, the guys in green uniforms driving small green trucks that were constantly picking up garbage and recycling from bins placed on every street corner, trees and flowers and surprise gardens everywhere, flower boxes, recycled materials made into high fashion art, great public transportation, being able to walk to so many places, and the teeny tiny fuel efficient cars driven by many people.


suzanne said...


I do express myself alot so do forgive me but this is just the ultimate Romantic spot. I am sure to experience a trip like this must be the most incredible thing.

Warm regards

therese said...

heehee, we have those cars also. and the guys (and girls) in uniform, picking up trash and emptying trash cans - but they work at night here, and wear white. and the public transportation. but it's definately not paris :)