Saturday, October 25, 2008

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I am taking advantage of the heat and sun where we live. I am loving the entire experience of drying clothes on the line -- from the smell of freshly washed damp clothes, to hanging them, to taking them down, (they are dry within a few hours),to knowing I am not putting more CO2 into the air, to looking forward to the savings on our upcoming electric bill (which by the way, like in many places, the rates have gone up!)

I do put a few pieces once dried that get stiff into the dryer for a few minutes. (jeans and older towels). But the new towels I just got at Costco (Kirkland brand) are so fluffy after being line dried, that they need no dryer time. I am delighted with this. And clothes will last longer without being dried in the dryer. Thanks Mr. Sun!

This is a recent article from, a website designed to provide information about how to offset CO2 levels. Click on the link below to get to their website:

Climate change and global warming FAQ

October 2008

Carbon Dioxide, Global Warming & You

Humanity is facing one its biggest challenges - global warming induced climate change. One of the main offenders contributing to rapidly increasing temperature isn't carbon itself, it's increased carbon dioxide (C02) emissions, methane and deforestation.
Trees ingest carbon dioxide and turn it into carbon which they store - the problem is that there's simply not enough trees left to deal with the massive carbon load we put on our ecosystem.

Our oceans are increasingly bearing the strain of absorbing carbon dioxide, which is making them acidic.

As a part of the battle to help reduce global warming, we need to reduce general consumption and to plant more trees to take carbon dioxide out of the air and turn it into plain old carbon - to carbonify C02! We also need to implement more in the way of renewable energy projects.

... prevention is better than cure, so there's also plenty we can do to lessen the amount of C02 that gets into the air in the first place.
What human activities create carbon dioxide emissions?

With the majority of us still sourcing our power via fossil fuels; the scope of our activities that generate carbon dioxide is massive; for example:

Driving your car
Switching on a light
Watching TV
Heating and cooling your house

In fact, most human activity generates carbon dioxide - even breathing. While we can't stop or reduce that, there are other ways we can start lessening our carbon footprint.
What can I do to lessen my carbon impact on the environment?

Carbonify is powered by wind & solar energy via green tag offsets!- About Carbonify -
Latest Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Levels:383.09 parts/millionTrend : rising read more

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