Monday, October 20, 2008

another sale

This Thursday I am hosting another Green Mama sale at our house. It's from 10 - 1:30. I am accepting donations, and again, they are pouring in!

This time the money raised is going to benefit Mother Miracle school, a school in India for very poor children. It was founded a few years ago and we have been sponsoring kids since its inception. It was started by this amazing American couple, who decided to sell everything they had and move to India and devote the rest of their life to helping poor children. The school has over 170 kids now. Their intention is to help their students get the best education they can offer. They also want to help their older students get into college, so they can reach their dreams and then in turn help their families break out of the poverty cycle. Pictured above are two of their top students, with our son, both of whom want to be doctors. These teenage girls are now helping teach the younger children. We got to meet them this summer when the founders brought them to America. They were so sweet, humble, appreciative and very bright girls. We really enjoyed them.

This is the link to their school.

Here I am pictured with the founders of Mother Miracle, Patrick and Shahla

The leftover items from this week's sale are going to our local shelter for women and children. Last time we had a truckload. They were also very appreciative, and the items were very much needed, especially bedding.

Please spread the word! We also need donations of food for the shelter (cans, bags of rice, etc.)

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