Tuesday, April 14, 2009

edible gardens

Even a small area of your yard can be transformed into an edible garden. My advice: pick a manageable spot, get the best compost you can get and mix it into the existing soil, find out what produce grows best in your area, pick what of that list you will actually enjoy eating, and plant your garden. Know that it is always an experimental process, even with expert gardeners, as I have learned. Even if you just grow some lettuce, a tomato plant, and some herbs, you won't believe how good things are when home grown.

These are photos of edible gardens right in my hometown...these photos were taken as part of a local garden tour.

This is our little edible corner of the universe. Well, most is edible, not the palms, but the rest is.
By the way, my son has made up and given me the honorary title of a gardeness, which you can read about on my other blog.

The remainder of these photos are from other people's gardens. Makes me want to add many many more plants!

This guy had literally hundreds of containers brimming with veggies and herbs. Unbelievable.

see the baby bananas?

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